Should a Couple Combine Auto Policies

Yes, absolutely.

That is, if it makes sense financially. If your new spouse or significant other has 3 accidents and a DUI and you have a clean Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) than no, don’t combine them. But the insurance companies are pretty smart, they eventually will find out your mate resides in the same house as you and will force you to add them to your policy.

If both people have a clean record then there is a very good chance your insurance costs will be much less if you combine your policies.20130101-122626.jpg

I was just working with a man who we thought was single and living alone. It’s one of those Insured ‘s who we don’t talk to all that much, he pays his bill in full every 6-months and there is rarely an issue. I called him to see if he was interested in a renters policy. I was then informed that he is married and that his wife is insured through State Farm.

Discounts he is missing out on.

  1. Married Discount. This could be as high as 5-10%
  2. Multi-Car Discount. This is another 10-15%
  3. Multi Policy Discount. If his wife has a renters policy or if he had one than both policies would be less. (If either him or his wife owned a home than this discount would be even bigger, plus the auto policy would be less because you owned a home regardless of if you had the policies combined)
  4. Depending on his wife’s credit score, he could get a lower rate if she is in better shape financially.

I told our insured that it was in his best interest to take his information to State Farm and have them quote her policy to add him and his car. He should also provide me with her information so we can quote his carrier as well as all the other carriers we represent to see which carrier is giving the best rate.

Some people don’t want to combine polices and that is fine. But for those that are not against bringing their policies together and are interested in saving money, then a quote to combine policies could be a way to save a decent amount of money.

Are you living with someone or even married but don’t have a combined auto policy? Could you save money by combining them?


Keith Laskey

RBA/The Laskey Group




  1. Chris Beeler

    Hi Keith,
    I want to thank you for this blog post. It seems so elementary to us as insurance agents but I find the the clients of my Georgia Independent Agency also do not know the basics of these type of policy discounts.
    Your Pennsylvania clients are fortunate to have a quality agent who is looking out for their best interests.

    • keithlaskey

      Thanks Chris, I appreciate the kind words. I think offering the best possible customer service is as important as anything in our business even if it means losing a client. Plus it’s always good to look out for each other when you can.

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